We Provide These Disaster Cleanup Services


Flood and water damage

Problems associated with water are among the most common disasters that strike homes and businesses.  SOS Disaster Services has expertise in removing water, drying and sanitizing buildings and more.  Whether your damage is caused by flooding, leaking appliances or plumbing, sewage backups or even from fire fighting, you can depend on SOS Disaster Services for fast, efficient solutions.

Smoke and fire damage

Perhaps nothing is more devastating than smoke and fire damage.  Its effects can permeate every part of your home or business.  Different types of fires can create unique problems related to soot, odors, discoloration.  SOS Disaster Services is equipped to diagnose the fire’s cause and implement the best way to treat the problem.

Mold damage and environmental cleanup

Mold removal and environmental cleanup simply isn’t enough.  At SOS Disaster Services, we analyze what caused the problem in the first place, and develop a long-term strategy  to ensure problems don’t return.